wedding series: the ceremony

Our wedding ceremony took place in Lakewood at St. James church. It was a traditional mass however, we added our own special touches. For instance, my aunt sang a song during the ceremony and another aunt, Ben’s cousin and a good college friend did readings. Before I walked down the aisle, I was extremely nervous. I took my mom’s advice to “take it all in,” look at all of the people there to witness our special day and just breath. Once my dad and I started walking and I saw Ben, I automatically felt at ease. The rest of the day was a piece of cake!

The church was absolutely stunning and made for some pretty incredible photos. Our photographer did an amazing job of capturing some of my most favorite moments from the ceremony.

the stationery: ting
the rings: CS Johns



0690_6698 the church: st. james; lakewood




the sendoff: flags



tomorrow’s post: the reception

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