How I’m Becoming a Morning Person: My AM Routine

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I used to be the person who woke up 5 minutes before I had to walk out the door. I threw on clothes, grabbed a granola bar and had a hectic start to my morning, which oftentimes led to a frantic, unorganized day. Don’t get me wrong, sometimes I still do that but lately, I’ve been trying to get into a routine of sorts to get my days started right. I’ve never been much of a morning routine person but I have to admit, it’s helping!

The Night Before

Create Excitement for the Next Day

Whether its something I have going on the next day or just something I’m excited to check off of my to-do list, each night I sit down with my planner to ensure I have something to look forward to the following day.

Sleep, Obviously!

I try my best to get a good night’s sleep. My schedule is a little unconventional and sometimes I find myself working later at night after G goes to bed. To be honest, I’m more of a night owl so it totally works for me, and I actually prefer it! On days I’m up late, I give myself a little extra time to sleep in the AM, but most days I try to wake up around 6:30.

In the Morning

Wake up to Natural Light

We don’t currently have shades in our bedroom because we just moved. They are being installed soon but honestly, I have loved waking up to the natural light!

Don’t hit Snooze!

I used to set like 3 alarms and hit snooze on all of them. I’d finally wake up feeling groggy and rushed. Now, I try my very best not to hit snooze. When the alarm goes off, I get up and start the day.

Water, Vitamins and Coffee

I can’t start my day until I consume something. For me, it’s a glass of water, a cup of coffee and Nature Made® Vitamin C Adult Gummies. Vitamin C helps support the immune system†, which is so important this time of year!

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Check phone/email

I try to put off getting on my phone for a little in the morning. When I do, I quickly check my texts and email, scroll through Instagram and may post to social media.


My goal is to read for about 20 minutes each day and usually that’s right before bed or when I wake up. Sometimes it’s a book, sometimes it’s a magazine and sometimes its just catching up on fellow blogger’s posts on my phone.

Plan the day

I thrive off of lists so each morning, I make one. Not only do I put work tasks or big to-dos on there, I’ll also put little things like laundry or an errand. The more on the list, the more I get to cross off and that, for me, is a win! It may seem a little excessive but it definitely works for me.


I usually wait for Greylen to wake up so we can eat breakfast together. It depends on the day, but my breakfast usually consists of avocado toast, a protein bar or a smoothie if I’m feeling ambitious. Always with another cup of coffee. Always.

Get Dressed

Grey loves “picking out” our outfits so I wait for her to get dressed too. Even if you work at home or stay at home most of the day, I think getting dressed is so important. I don’t necessarily put on jeans or a dress each and every day but getting out of what I wore to bed is definitely key to a productive morning!

Something I need to start adding into this routine is a workout. I definitely think that working out in the morning is going to be SO helpful for me! I’m thinking of looking into some workouts I can do at home. If you have any ideas or programs that have worked for you, send them my way!

Now, don’t get me wrong. I’ll probably always be more of a night owl but I have to say, this little routine is definitely making my mornings a lot more enjoyable!

Are you a morning person? If so, share your ways!

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