it’s all about the (camel colored) boots

Camel colored boots are a lifesaver in the fall and winter months. When asked about one piece of clothing I “splurge” on, it’s always a camel colored boot. In my opinion, they go with everything and they are absolutely an investment I am willing to make. Here are my top 5 tips for purchasing and styling camel colored boots this fall.

#5: Wear with black or brown. I get this question a lot and I am not kidding when I say these honestly go with everything and anything.

#4: Go big or go home. Save up and invest in these. Cheap boots will get ruined quickly (especially with how much I wear them). If you take the time to save up and do your research, you will find a pair that are perfect for you and will last a lifetime. My favorite brand by far is Frye – they make beautiful, classic boots that seem to stand the test of time.

#3: Dress up or dress down. Wear these with jeans and a t-shirt or wear with a skirt or dress.

#2: Layering doesn’t just have to be for clothes. I wear my boots with tights, leg warmers or big chunky socks. Make sure to get a size that will feel comfortable yet also allow for layering.

#1: My biggest tip is to waterproof your boots literally the second you get them. There’s nothing worse than a beautiful pair of boots dirtied up by water and snow marks. It takes five minutes. Take the time to do it.


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