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I don’t often post about hair on here. I wouldn’t really call myself a ‘hair person.’ One trim every six or so months (oops?) pretty much does the trick for me. However, have you heard of a blowout bar? I hadn’t and was skeptical partially just because of the name alone. I went to one this past weekend (The Blowout Bar in Columbus) and I’ll admit it, I was wrong. The place was amazing! They wash, blow dry and style your hair in one of five ways. Plus, you get a complimentary glass of wine or champagne while you get your hair done and I am always all for wine or champagne (especially when the word complimentary is involved). I wish I had a ‘before’ photo because my hair was not looking pretty. I got the Bahama Mama blowout (beachy waves) and really loved the results. Obviously this isn’t something I’d do once a week ($35+tip/blowout) but for a fun girls weekend or a special night out, it is definitely worth your while. An Instagram follower told me about Do Blow Dry in Beachwood and I am going to need to check it out soon.

Have you tried a blowout bar? What did you think?




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