Layering is my favorite part of fall fashion and it has been perfect for the cool mornings and warmer afternoons we have been having lately in Cleveland. Stocking up on a couple basics can lead to endless outfit combinations all throughout the fall and winter. Some of my favorite layering pieces are chambray shirts, turtlenecks, chunky sweaters, vests and flannels. I tend to think skinny jeans or leggings and boots look best when layering especially with so much going on up top. 2-3 layers usually does the trick and allows for a fun way to mix and match different colors, patterns and textures. I picked up this American Eagle flannel last weekend and couldn’t wait to style it. It’s called the ‘jegging flannel’ and I love, love, love the length of it. Expect to see plenty more of it this season!




t-shirt: abercrombie
flannel: american eagle
vest: lululemon
leggings: bcbg (similar)
boots: nordstrom bp (similar)bag: botkier
necklace: forever21
bracelets: h&m, stella & dot

recent fall buys

Fall is my favorite time of the year to shop for new clothes. However, at this point, I am in no shape to go on any sort of crazy fall shopping spree. I like to buy a couple things each month or every other month to build up my wardrobe for the colder months. Pretty sure I got on this kick thanks to back to school shopping back in the day (hi mom, thanks!). I buy a mix of really inexpensive but versatile pieces (hellooo, $10 turtleneck!) and more expensive things that I have to save for but end up keeping forever (I expect to have these boots for a loooong time). This ensures that I don’t go too overboard on my budget but am still prepared for the cooler weather to come. Here are the 6 new things I’ve picked up recently:

Picture 10

1. layering turtleneck
2. camel boots
3. cable knit sweater
4. black boots
5. flannel
6. duffel

A blanket scarf, new winter coat and cape are still on my fall wish list. What do you have your eye on this fall?

my favorite accessory

Picture 2

It’s a bold statement but I think my leopard print belt is my favorite accessory of all time. I’ve been wearing mine non-stop this fall and plan to continue the streak through the rest of the year. And, at under $20, it has certainty proven itself worth every single cent. Here are the reasons I love it enough to dedicate a whole blog post to it’s perfectness and why you should get one ASAP:

1) It goes with the majority of your closet
Because the pattern is often considered a “neutral,” leopard goes with practically everything in your closet. It’s especially fun to mix it up with other prints and patterns like stripes, polka dots or plaid.

Picture 5

2) It makes a subtle statement
I wouldn’t necessarily be one to wear a leopard print top or pants so this is the perfect way to subtly incorporate a fun pattern into my wardrobe.

3) You can find one relatively cheap that looks expensive
Like anything, yes, there are the expensive versions out there but you can find a leopard belt fairly cheap too. I’m talking $10-$20 cheap (try JCrew Factory, Target, Old Navy, Gap). For something so versatile, the cost per wear is literally cents. Plus, it looks more pricey than it is…the best type of purchases!

4) It makes an outfit
You can be wearing the most basic outfit and once you throw on the belt, it instantly takes your look up a notch.

5) It works for every season
I can’t think of a time of year that a leopard belt wouldn’t look great. I love wearing mine with jeans and a sweater in the fall/winter and shorts and a t-shirt in the summer/spring.

Obviously it’s safe to say I’m pretty obsessed. I truly think leopard anything, but especially a belt, is the perfect accessory. Don’t have one yet? Shop some affordable options here:

tips for protecting your leather boots

It’s boot season! And, I can’t stress how important it is to protect leather boots from the rain, snow and ice – especially because we get a ton of it in Cleveland. Read on to find out why, how and when I suggest waterproofing your favorite leather boots.

Picture 6

Why treat leather boots?

WHY NOT?! Most likely you just spent a pretty penny on these boots so you want them to last as long as possible. Salt, snow and water can break down the leather on your boots and can stain…majorly. Who wants that?!

How to waterproof

1. Choose your solution - There are tons of waterproofing options out there. Waxes, creams and sprays just to name a few. I like sprays because I think it goes on the easiest. This year I bought a spray for about $5 at Famous Footwear.
2. Clean – Make sure your boots are completely clean before spraying anything on them. If your boots have laces, be sure to remove.
3. Prep – I usually treat my boots outside, either in the garage or on the porch, because the smell is too strong to do it inside. Plus, you don’t want to get the solution on anything but the boots. Make sure you choose somewhere the boots can sit untouched for a couple hours. Place your boots on a piece of newspaper or the box lid.
4. Test – Try the spray out on a small area of the boot to ensure there is no reaction or discoloration. I usually spray a small amount on the heel and wait a couple minutes to make sure everything looks okay.
5. Spray – Spray the solution on the boots at least 6 inches away. Make sure you are spraying one coat evenly.
6. Wait – Let the solution dry and let the boots sit for at least two hours.
7. Spray – Repeat step 5.
8. Wait – Repeat step 6.
9. Wear!

Other tips

Retreat your boots twice a year: The waterproofing solution wears off with time. To be safe, treat your boots twice a year. I usually treat mine at the beginning of fall and then again at the beginning of winter.

Don’t over-treat: Don’t spray too much on your boots when you are waterproofing. Too much solution can change the color of the leather.

Keep your boots upright while treating: Make sure your boots are standing tall and wrinkle free when spraying to prevent any discoloration. Rolled up newspapers, wine bottles and even pool noodles can be placed inside of boots to keep them upright.

Waterproofing can only do so much: don’t wear your favorite pair of boots in the pouring rain or on the snowiest day of the year. For those days try rain boots (I love Hunter boots) or snow boots (Sorel is my favorite brand).

Keep the box: In the spring and summer, the easiest way to store boots so they stay unharmed is right back in the box they came in.

What tips do you have for taking care of boots?


d’orsay flats


Hip, hip hooray for Cleveland in the fall. I mean, look at those leaves! They are pretty close to perfect right now. Get outside and to the metroparks stat!


I love how d’orsay flats look on other people but danggggg, these things hurt! I have been trying and trying to break them in but I’m thinking I just may not have the right feet for this style. Nonetheless, I’ll keep at it because I am pretty obsessed with them. Beauty hurts, right?!



shirt: jcrew
belt: jcrew (similar)
skirt: h&m
shoes: dolce vita (similar-ish)
rings: need supply co.
watch: fossil

trending tuesday: shopbop friends & family sale

Interrupting your regularly scheduled Trending Tuesday to bring you my picks from the Shopbop friends and family sale. Use the code ‘FAMILY25′ to get 25% off all of your Shopbop favorites now through Thursday. Here are some of mine: