tips for protecting your leather boots

It’s boot season! And, I can’t stress how important it is to protect leather boots from the rain, snow and ice – especially because we get a ton of it in Cleveland. Read on to find out why, how and when I suggest waterproofing your favorite leather boots.

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Why treat leather boots?

WHY NOT?! Most likely you just spent a pretty penny on these boots so you want them to last as long as possible. Salt, snow and water can break down the leather on your boots and can stain…majorly. Who wants that?!

How to waterproof

1. Choose your solution - There are tons of waterproofing options out there. Waxes, creams and sprays just to name a few. I like sprays because I think it goes on the easiest. This year I bought a spray for about $5 at Famous Footwear.
2. Clean – Make sure your boots are completely clean before spraying anything on them. If your boots have laces, be sure to remove.
3. Prep – I usually treat my boots outside, either in the garage or on the porch, because the smell is too strong to do it inside. Plus, you don’t want to get the solution on anything but the boots. Make sure you choose somewhere the boots can sit untouched for a couple hours. Place your boots on a piece of newspaper or the box lid.
4. Test – Try the spray out on a small area of the boot to ensure there is no reaction or discoloration. I usually spray a small amount on the heel and wait a couple minutes to make sure everything looks okay.
5. Spray – Spray the solution on the boots at least 6 inches away. Make sure you are spraying one coat evenly.
6. Wait – Let the solution dry and let the boots sit for at least two hours.
7. Spray – Repeat step 5.
8. Wait – Repeat step 6.
9. Wear!

Other tips

Retreat your boots twice a year: The waterproofing solution wears off with time. To be safe, treat your boots twice a year. I usually treat mine at the beginning of fall and then again at the beginning of winter.

Don’t over-treat: Don’t spray too much on your boots when you are waterproofing. Too much solution can change the color of the leather.

Keep your boots upright while treating: Make sure your boots are standing tall and wrinkle free when spraying to prevent any discoloration. Rolled up newspapers, wine bottles and even pool noodles can be placed inside of boots to keep them upright.

Waterproofing can only do so much: don’t wear your favorite pair of boots in the pouring rain or on the snowiest day of the year. For those days try rain boots (I love Hunter boots) or snow boots (Sorel is my favorite brand).

Keep the box: In the spring and summer, the easiest way to store boots so they stay unharmed is right back in the box they came in.

What tips do you have for taking care of boots?


d’orsay flats


Hip, hip hooray for Cleveland in the fall. I mean, look at those leaves! They are pretty close to perfect right now. Get outside and to the metroparks stat!


I love how d’orsay flats look on other people but danggggg, these things hurt! I have been trying and trying to break them in but I’m thinking I just may not have the right feet for this style. Nonetheless, I’ll keep at it because I am pretty obsessed with them. Beauty hurts, right?!



shirt: jcrew
belt: jcrew (similar)
skirt: h&m
shoes: dolce vita (similar-ish)
rings: need supply co.
watch: fossil

trending tuesday: shopbop friends & family sale

Interrupting your regularly scheduled Trending Tuesday to bring you my picks from the Shopbop friends and family sale. Use the code ‘FAMILY25′ to get 25% off all of your Shopbop favorites now through Thursday. Here are some of mine:





diamonds are a girl’s best friend: interview with theresia & tammy of peter & co. jewelers

You know I love local businesses and any time I can connect with them. I recently had the opportunity to visit Peter & Co. Jewelers and talk with two of the owners – Theresia and Tammy. Not only is their Avon Lake store pretty amazing, it was nice to be able to ask the experts some jewelry questions that have been on my mind (like is mixing gold and silver really okay to do?!). After browsing the store, it’s definitely safe to say that I left craving some new jewelry! Check out what I learned below and see how you can shop for some new bling, bling this weekend.


What is the best way to clean jewelry?
Take it to a jeweler! Most jewelers (including Peter & Co.) will do this for free. If you can’t make it to the jeweler, either a jar of jewelry cleaner or a very mild dishwasher soap and water will do the trick. However, stay away from Dawn soap as something in it can break down the composition of the metal. The most important part of cleaning your jewelry? Rinse, rinse and rinse again. The residue from leftover soap can cause diamonds or metals to look foggy.

Can you mix gold and silver?
Absolutely and in fact, we encourage it! Mixing metals is never out of style and will always be classic.

mixed metals

What types of jewelry trends are “in” right now?
Big gemstone slabs mixed with white gold are really popular in fashion jewelry this season. There are a lot of blues and greens out right now.

Also, stacking rings and bracelets is currently a huge trend too. Try stacking different colors and patterns…pretty much anything goes!


Is there a piece of jewelry that every woman should have?
A diamond solitaire necklace and diamond solitaire stud earrings are classy and will never go out of style. They can be dressed up or dressed down and they are the perfect pieces to wear all day, everyday.


Ready to get some diamonds of your own? This weekend, Peter & Co. is hosting a really cool event where you can snag some of these classic pieces for yourself. Hearts and Fire, a designer that prides themselves on having ‘the World’s most perfectly cut diamond’ will be bringing a ton of exclusive inventory into the Peter & Co. store for two days only. And let me tell you, these diamonds sure do sparkle. Like I’m talking from across the room sparkle. Check out the event on Thursday the 16th (6pm-9pm) and Friday the 17th (10am-7pm) to see for yourself!


Be on the lookout for another post with Peter & Co. in November where we will discuss holiday gift giving (can you believe it’s already that time?!)!

Disclaimer: This post was sponsored. All opinions are my own.

perfectly fall


The weather this week – perfect, amiright?! I’ve started pulling out some of my favorite fall staples (I told you that you would see gingham in an outfit post soon!) and I couldn’t be happier about it.


Let’s talk shoes, shall we? You know when the weather is starting to get cooler but  you aren’t quite ready to bust out the boots yet? These moccasins are the perfect solution. They are comfortable and totally scream fall. Plus, they are a steal at $42!


October is my favorite month of the year and my wardrobe is ready to embrace fall full speed ahead. Lots of scarves, dark colors and boots coming soon. Who’s with me? What are some of your fall fashion staples?

jacket: forever 21
shirt: jcrew (similar)
jeans: levis
shoes: minnetonka
bracelets: old
necklace: rocksbox
glasses: burberry

rainy day uniform


I have been a big supporter of Hunter boots since my first pair in college. I know I have mentioned them a couple times on the blog but it’s time a whole dang post is dedicated to their awesomeness. My typical rainy day uniform consists of these boots and a North Face rain jacket (ps. the kid’s XL is equivillent to the women’s S and is much cheaper!). There are multiple reasons I love this particular pair of boots (the Hunter ‘Tour’). What are they? Oh, I thought you’d never ask…

1) They are foldable and perfect for storing and/or packing. The ‘Tour’ version of these boots are made for traveling. Fold them up and stuff them in a bag or suitcase and they come out looking perfectly untouched.

2) They can be worn all year. I have busted them out in each and every season. From rainy days to winter storms to college bars to muddy country concerts…you name it, they’ve seen it. And they’ve lived to tell the tale.

3) They last for-freaking-ever. Like I said, I got my first pair in college and have worn the heck out of them.

All in all, I’m clearly a fan and here I am trying to force my ways on you yet again. I will say I have heard a lot of complaints about the price and while I know they are expensive, I promise the price per wear you will get out of these really makes it worth it…especially with the crazy weather here in Cleveland. Looking for something to add to your holiday wish list? I say go for it.



Shop more Hunter styles here:

trending tuesday: gingham

Sorry it’s been so quiet around here, my friends. We just got back from a trip to Washington DC and have been busy getting back into the swing of things. Isn’t it funny when you need a vacation from your vacation? I guess when three days of binge drinking and eating are involved that’s to be expected. Oh well, #worthit.

Anyways, trending tuesday this week is dedicated to one of my favorite fall patterns, gingham. Just like floral embodies summer and spring, gingham screams fall and winter. It’s the perfect pattern to try in any form – accessories, tops, shoes, even pants. Throw on some boots and a scarf and you have the perfect fall outfit. I foresee this exact pairing coming soon to an outfit post near you.

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one / two / three

save or spend? leather jacket

Picture 4

save or spend?

I’ve always wanted a leather jacket but have never been able to justify the price when the faux options are a fraction of the cost (and more ethical at that). However, I love the look of real leather jackets and can only imagine how great the quality would be when dropping that much cash monay on one piece. Do you have a leather jacket? Was it worth the extreme cost?

Shop other leather and faux leather jackets here:

back to basics

IMG_3299 IMG_3300

I’m not sure what it is about fall but the weather just makes me want to sleep all day wear jeans and a comfy t-shirt. Like pretty much every day. This is where the perfect lineup of wardrobe basics comes in.

I consider ‘basics’ anything like t-shirts, sweatshirts, hoodies and tanks that come in a neutral and classic color. These are things you can pretty much throw on with everything in your closet. They tend to look good on everyone and their greatest attribute? They never go out of style.

So, where is the best place to buy these basics I speak of? Enter my long-time obsession – Brandy Melville.

I fell in love for the first time on a visit to LA a couple of years ago. I was skeptical at first because almost everything in the store is one size fits all (I know it’s crazy but I swear it works) but I walked in, felt the t-shirt material and never looked back. Though they sell some dresses and graphic tees, low-key comfortable basics are the name of their game. My favorite items (see collage) are all made with the softest jersey material you will ever feel. And the prices…oooh the prices, they are amazing (my favorite t-shirt is $19)!

So bad news is that right now the only storefronts are in New York, California, Massachusetts and Connecticut. Good news is that their website offers $5 flat rate shipping so get ordering and let me know if you are as obsessed as I am!

brandy melville basics